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Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Dexter's Laboratory" plus 1 more

Dexter's Laboratory Season 3 (1996)

Dexter seems like your average nerdy 8-year-old, but his bedroom is home to a secret laboratory filled with computers, experiments and machines. A young science whiz conducts cool experiments in his secret lab. If only he could make his pesky sister disappear!

Starring: Allison Moore, Kathryn Cressida, Kath Soucie, Frank Welker, Christine Cavanaugh, Tom Kenny, Jeff Bennett

Directed by: Genndy Tartakovsky

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Johnny Bravo Season 3 (1997)

In this hit series, a 98-pound weakling morphs into a 1960s-style rock 'n' roller with a great physique and a burning desire to meet the ideal woman. He's cool. He's hip. He's the dumbest blond in the room. Watch the hair and dig the hand gestures, Momma.

Starring: Mae Whitman, Brenda Vaccaro, Tom Kenny, Cody Dorkin, Larry Drake, Jeff Bennett

Directed by: Van Partible

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